Terms & Conditions


  The entrance fee is $3,250. Rent is $175/week and is due each Friday by 5 pm.
Entrance fee is non-refundable and due upon admission. Acceptable forms of payment include: cash, check, Visa/MasterCard, American Express or money order.

  Credit card information must be provided upon move in. Unless other arrangements have been made in advance, the credit card on file will be used for rent payment.
If other arrangements have been made, but payment is late, the credit card on file will be used for rent payment.

  If there is an outstanding balance on any account, no passes or extended curfews will be granted. 10:00pm curfew will be enforced.

  Please note that, on occasion, fines may be incurred by residents, eg. False fire alarm, windows open with a/c on, build up of community service hours.

  Residents who relapse or are asked to leave Next Step Recovery will notbe reimbursed any funds for that month/week.



Violation of any of the following will result in immediate dismissal from NSR and forfeit any monies paid through this payment channel:


  Violence or threats of violence  

  Weapons of any kind

  Stealing of any kind

  Sexual harassment

  Destruction of property

  Use or possession of drugs, alcohol and/or banned substances on or off property

  Sexual intercourse on property

  Racial or sexual slurs

  Abuse of over-the-counter or prescription medication

  Repeated rule violation

  Smoking, lighting candles, or incense inside the house

  Dating men or women from Next Step Recovery houses is not tolerated

  Refusal to give a saliva test/urine screen or Breathalyzer will result in immediate dismissal.


Entrance Fee:

The Entrance Fee for our program is $3,250.00 and is non-refundable. The Entrance Fee is required in order to reserve a bed. If a bed is reserved and the resident decides of their our mind that they do not want to participate in our program or does not take residency, the Entrance Fee is forfeited ENTIRELY. Any refunds processed will be at the sole discretion of Next Step Recovery.

Additional Rent:

All payments are applied first to any outstanding balances and then to any current amounts due. Rent is due on a weekly basis (i.e., from Friday to Friday) and is due on the Friday immediately preceding the following rental week. There are no partial refunds available for individuals leaving before the end of the rental week and/or prior to the full term of the rental agreement.

Client Funds:

The Client Funds Account is an additional service that Next Step Recovery provides for our residents. All Payments for the Client Funds Account are subject to a convenience fee, which will be charged in addition to the amounts to be allocated to the individual client's cash account. Any credits will be refunded upon the completion of the terms of the Residential Lease, subject to any necessary cleaning charges and/or outstanding rent balances.

Partial Refunds:

There are no partial refunds available for individuals leaving before the end of the rental week and/or prior to the full term of the resident lease agreement. If a resident leaves our facility of their own decision all monies paid to Next Step Recovery House will be forfeited. If a resident breaks the terms of their lease agreement including the House Rules, all monies paid to Next Step Recoverywill be forfeited. Any refunds made will be credited within 30 days electronically to the card or bank account from which they originated. A Refund Notification will be forwarded to the email address that the Registered User (Payee) entered during registration. 

ACH Debit Authorization:

I authorize my bank to debit my account as identified above to the terms stated here. This authorization shall remain in effect until the Service Provider and bank receive written notification from me of intent to terminate at such time and in such manner as to afford the Service Provider and bank reasonable opportunity to act (Minimum 30 days).

I understand that if the total amount owed to the Service Provider is increased, I authorize this plan to continue as long as the payment amount remains unchanged until the amount owed the Service Provider is paid off, or unless the plan is terminated earlier by me as above. I understand any added amounts can be applied for with a new ACH Debit Authorization Form.

All other changes such as payment amount, frequency, bank account number change, will require a new ACH Debit Payment Authorization Form to be filled out and submitted to Merchant 15 days prior to any change being implemented. I understand that this payment plan may be cancelled by the Service Provider or Merchant due to NSF (Non-sufficient Funds). I will be liable to pay an NSF fee of $25.00 (or the amount allowable by law), which may be automatically debited for each NSF.

I represent and warrant that I am authorized to execute this payment authorization for the purpose of implementing this payment plan. I indemnify and hold the Service Provider, the bank, and Merchant harmless from damage, loss or claim resulting from all authorized actions hereunder.

Acknowledgement & Acceptance of Terms:

All Internet transactions are final, and are not subject to reversal and/or cancellation. All Internet payment transactions are subject to a Convenience Fee equal to $12.50. This Convenience Fee is disclosed and included in the total payment amount prior to submission of your payment for approval. Note regarding "Save this information" and our "Express Checkout" feature: Next Step Recovery will not have access to this information. Your bank account and/or card data is encrypted prior to authorization. In exchange, the secure gateway returns a "token" to this payment system which can then be resubmitted with future payments in place of more sensitive information. End-to-End Encryption coupled with Tokenization ensures your data is secure.

By submitting your payment for authorization, you acknowledge acceptance of the terms & conditions as stated herein.